Welcome to Maryann Paradise Art

About Me


Color is my passion. Always has been! And I got lucky enough to have artists in the family. My Uncle was an Artist, My father was an Artist. I watched their paths in  the ways of art and decided to go on my own path...of color and passion

My Art

I have to admit that I was shocked when I was asked to sell my work. My paintings . (I have sold jewelry for years  )And so, I got brave, quoted a price and now have seen my art hung on someone else's wall other then my own! I usually paint in Acrylics, right now I am working with fluid acrylics but that doesn't stop me from bringing out my watercolors , or sitting and painting a lavender field.  Not a day goes by that I am not scrubbing paint off my hands (and trying to get it out of my clothes!)

And Iam happy when I am playing with COLOR!

If You See

If you see something that brings you joy, serenity or a softness to your soul or you see something you like, or would like something painted just for you in whatever size you want, contact me at maps31@yahoo.com. We can work out the details!

As my Dad always said, Art doesn't have to match the furnitur